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Brings a wide range of financial products to its clients even if an entrepreneur has real difficulty obtaining necessary funds.  Private Equity.  Oil and Gas Financing.
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Bridge Hard Money Loans
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Business Acquisition Financing. Creative Private and Institutional Funding Available for a Qualified Project.

Minimum Investment $5 MM.

Business Acquisition Financing. We all know, businesses are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. And yet, many of  them overlook the benefits provided by regular communication with their capital advising team.  Provides clients with expert advice. Innovative Financial Products. Outstanding execution and comprehensive access to the private capital  markets.Get the Conversation Started. To determine whether, your project is qualified, please submit a concise two or three page executive summary for an immediate consideration.

Business Acquisition Financing.

Business experts often say that it costs less to buy an existing business than to build one from the ground up. If you are an entrepreneur looking into purchasing a business, there are a few items to consider when seeking financing for the acquisition that may strengthen your viability as a loan candidate and your ability to tap into a variety of potential financing sources. Most lenders will want to review your business plan, and you should also determine the economic status and value of the business you're considering buying. Review the financials and consider having your banker and/or trusted financial advisor also review the numbers. Ascertain the value of the business, including any equipment, real estate, inventory and other assets. To increase your viability as a loan candidate, convey your industry expertise and any management know-how to your potential lender. Lenders look for candidates who exhibit strong potential for success after acquiring the business. Show lenders that the transition period will run smoothly, and consider keeping existing managers on staff to help ensure an easy transition. Seasoned employees can also help you learn the inner workings of the business and help secure extended contracts with existing customers. Business Acquisition Financing. Securing capital and the best financing terms for an acquisition can be daunting and challenging. The sub-prime lending crisis and sluggish economy over the past 24 months has created huge changes in our financial system. Many traditional lenders have modified their lending criteria, thus restricting available credit and the flow of capital to many entrepreneurs. If the target company has a lot of assets, positive cash flow and strong profit margin, the buyer should be able to find bank financing. But say you want to buy a service company that has a lot of receivables and short-term assets, the level of difficulty of securing bank financing increases, say industry experts. Recent studies show a significant decline in cash flow-based loans. Quality of cash flow, debt load, and insufficient collateral were cited as primary reasons. Collateral type is emerging as the most important factor in a lender's decision to approve a loan.
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