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Oil and Gas Financing.

Oil and Gas Financing. Creative Private and Institutional Funding Available for a Qualified Project.

Minimum Investment $5 MM.

Oil and Gas Financing. Viable Oil and Gas project can be funded with Debt, Equity, Mezzanine. Oil and Gas Financing.  Joint Venture strategic partner can also be brought to the table. If principals do not have any skin in the game a good project can get up to 100% of required capital, but principals have to be ready to reasonably accept a dilution of ownership and control.
Based on the client’s particular situation we can bring Debt, Equity, Joint Venture, Bridge and Mezzanine Financing to the table from a Private and Institutional Capital Sources. Please send an executive summary and a reserve report to the  for a preliminary evaluation. Out of the Box Financing. Energy Financing. Mezzanine Debt. Oil and Gas Financing. Capital Investment. Project Financing. Mezzanine Financing. Private Equity. Project Finance. 
Get Funded.  Submit Your Deal.Quick Closing. Business Financing. Commercial Real Estate Financing. Be concise. State the reason for the funding request at the beginning of the summary. Include the amount of funds requested. Include the clear purpose the funds will be used for.
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If Geological Report shows indication of substantial in-ground assets a Strategic Joint Venture Partner can be brought to the table that would do its own due diligence and order its own Engineering Report.  is equipped with specialized knowledge of the marketplace. By examining every aspect of our client’s business is able to engineer out of the box affordable financing quickly and efficiently.
Mining Industry’s Companies have the following classifications. Upstream Companies. Exploration and Production companies that focus on finding and extracting minerals and resources from the ground.                                                                                                                                                         Midstream Companies. Companies that transport oil, gas, and other commodities to companies that will sell them. Downstream Companies. Companies that refine and market commodities and turn them into something useful such as jet fuel, and   then sell these commodities to customers. Oil Field Services. Companies that provide services to the payers involved in the oil industry. Services include: maintaining oil fields, repairing broken spots, providing security, etc. Each particular company in any of those field will have its own specific requirements in order to get funded.